Split conjunto de Touché Amoré y Self Defense Family

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El próximo 10 de marzo saldrá en vinilo de 7″ el split conjunto de Touché Amoré y Self Defense Family que publicarán Deathwish Inc. con el nombre de Self Love.

Tras el salto tenéis su portada y temas que lo compondrán.

TASDF “Self Love” is a collaborative release between Touche Amore and Self Defense Family members. “Self Love” was created by 15 musicians working together as one band, all eventually captured by engineer Will Yip (Blacklisted, Title Fight) at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, New Jersey.

A-Side “Circa 95” is an upbeat combination of Touche Amore’s explosive emotional leanings and Self Defense Family’s trademark cynicism. As the song twist and turns, it peels and curls to reveal layers of guitars and dueling percussion. All while lyrically paying subtle homage to hardcore legends Unbroken. While B-Side “Low Beams” begins with a contagious jangle before erupting into an catchy sonic finale. Telling the story of nomadic displacement; the highs, lows, and in between that many who travel the open road experience.

  1. Circa 95
  2. Low Beams

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