Big D And The Kids Table Hablan De Sus Próximas Referencias

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Big D And The Kids Table tienen en mente sacar a la luz dos referencias totalmente distintas. Por una parte está una serie de tres vinilos, titulados de momento 666, compuestos por 6 canciones de ska, 6 canciones trash y otras 6 canciones stroll; y por otra, un disco de versiones de una banda que se acaba de separar y que no se reunirá nunca más. ¿De que grupo se tratará? Hagan sus apuestas.

The band is in talks of recording a cover album which I have to admit they were quite vague about. All they mentioned is that the band they’ll be covering is not getting back together any time soon, and that they hope the recording will make the band in question “uncomfortable.” They jokingly noted, as if they were speaking to this band, “You know why we’re doing this! They’re gonna die soon!” Rude or not, it might be a hint as to the record that’s to come.

After settling down, Dave noted that him, Alex, and the rest of the band would begin work on a new record. We’re excited to share the news that it may be called “666,” a series of 6 ska songs, 6 thrash songs, and 6 stroll songs on a series of 10 inch records (or similar). That’s as much as the band was willing to comment on that project.

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